Free Software
We all know that software doesn’t come cheap, that’s why sometimes it’s nice to know there is free stuff out there on the Internet.  I haven’t tried everything here, but the people that have suggested them to me are pretty good themselves. The only thing I would keep in mind is make sure you do a good backup before you try some of them because they get into the registry. Enjoy.



Spybot S&D

Spyware is software that is loaded onto your hard drive that tracks what you do and where on the internet that you go. This is transmitted back to the company that downloaded it onto your computer who in turn sells it to advertising companies. The more of these that get loaded onto your computer, the slower your machine gets until it get’s to the point where you can’t stand it. Spybot S&D will find the spyware and remove it.



AVG Free Advisor

Anti-virus software is something everybody needs, and little is needed as far as information goes.    AVG has been around for sometime, and it has received several awards including PC Pro Software of the year. This is what I use.


My all-time favorite.  If this doesn’t get a virus out, nothing will. 

avast! 4 Home Edition

Again, another free anti-virus software program. Haven’t tried it, but it was recommended. 


Zone-Alarm Free

A firewall is really nice to have. It can block you’re pc from being scanned by malware, (software designed to infiltrate or damage a computer system) which will check to see if you’re computer has any vulnerabilities which will allow it to break in.


CC Cleaner

Again, another one I haven’t used, removes unused files from your computer that is supposed to speed up your pc by freeing up disk space. 

MSConfig Cleanup

This allows you to delete/disable programs that startup when Windows starts up, which is a lot more powerful than msconfig, the program which comes with windows. Just make sure you know what you are deleting, or you could be in trouble. (Make backups.) 

Revo Uninstaller

Add/Remove programs is supposed to be the end all for removing programs from your computer. Personally, I’ve found it doesn’t always work that way. Revo claims to be the answer to the problem and again, it’s free. Claims to be faster and easier, so it’s worth looking at. 


Windows Defender

Protects against pop-ups and spy-ware. Helps keep you’re machines speedy by keeping the malware out. Worth checking out.


Another one to keep the installation of spyware beforehand. Claims to protect from infected Internet Explorer sites also.

Neat Stuff

Belarc Advisor

This is a free personal computer auditor. Want to know what Microsoft patches you have on your computer, this will tell you. Want to know exactly what programs are installed on your computer, this will tell you. Kind of nifty.


Ever name a file or folder, only to wish you had named it something else? ReNamer allows you to name files and folders something else, hence the name. 

KeePass Password Safe

How many passwords do you have to remember? One for your email, one for your bank account, one for your network? KeePass allows you to keep track of all your passwords in a database, and all you have to do is remember one master password. Very neat.  


Ever get tired of using Internet Explorer? Yes, I know it comes with Windows, but you are not stuck with it. Firefox is a free browser which allows you to browse the internet just as easily as Internet Explorer, and some claim it’s even better. There are people that run both on the same machine, so if they don’t like one, they go to the other. 


If you decide you like Firefox, you can use Thunderbird as an e-mail client on Firefox. Another freebie that some people really like. Thunderbird allows you to send and receive e-mail without using Outlook or Outlook Express. 

Hope you enjoy the list, try them out and have fun with them.