Charlie, Charlie, Yankee, Victor or the art of making Lan cables. 

In case you’re wondering what the Charlie, Charlie Yankee Victor stands for, it’s Morse code for the way lan cables are made.  It’s probably the easiest way you’ll ever need to remember the way to punch down the wires for lan cables.  Charlie stands for C and it’s made up of  -.-. , Yankee stands for Y and it’s made up of -.--  and Victor is for V and is made up of ...- ! If you can remember those symbols, you’ll always remember how to line up the wires to punch down both type A and type B Lan cables not to mention crossover cables.  All lan cables are made up of 8 wires, two sets of four colors.  Green, Orange, Blue and Brown.  I listed them in that order for a reason, and you’ll find out why in a minute.  Each color has a striped and a solid which makes up your 8 wires.  Now if you think of the – symbol in Morse code as a striped wire, and the . in Morse code as solid wires and you’ll always remember the patterns of the cables.  The original standard for cabling was T-568A.  That has been replaced by T-568B.  No matter, both are made up of the eight wires, and both are made with a striped, a solid, a striped, a solid, a striped, a solid, a striped and a solid or -.-. -.-.  also known as Charlie Chalie.  Doesn’t matter if it’s A or B, both have the wires in that order, the only difference is the colors, and that is only differentiated by moving two sets.  So a  regular  lan cable  is  Charlie  Charlie, In type A, the original, it was striped green, green, striped orange, blue, striped blue, orange, striped brown and brown.  To turn that into type B, swap the green for orange.   Start out with striped orange, orange, striped green, blue, striped blue, green, striped brown, brown.  You’ll notice the blue and brown never change, and the striped, solid never changes.  The only thing that changes is whether or not you start out with green or orange.  Type A starts with green, Type B starts with orange.   Type B is almost always used nowadays.  No matter what, it’s always Charlie Charlie.   Now to figure out how to make a crossover cable.  The first end is a simple Type B cable, and on the second end you’ve got Yankee Victor or  -.-- ...-.  Now, think of the Type A lan cable with the blue and the brown colors swapped.  So the second side is striped green, solid green, striped orange, striped brown, solid brown, solid orange, solid blue, striped blue.    Simple as Charlie, Yankee, Victor.  Got it?