Basic Palm Information

When to fertilize Palms?

The best thing for your Palm is to fertilize it 3 to 4 times a year.  It needs food during the growing season, which starts in March, and usually ends around October.  Change this to twice a year if your using a fertilizer that’s marked for slow release.

How to fertilize Palms?

Make sure to water the Palm well before and after you fertilize the Palm. Apply the fertilizer around the drip line, (where the end of the fronds is), because this is where the feeder roots are.  Don’t fertilize near the trunk of the tree.   Don’t use turf fertilizer near the palms. Don’t over fertilize.  Follow instructions.

What do you fertilize Palms with?

Use any fertilizer that has a ratio of 8:2:12. (See my article on Fertilizer Basics).  Slow release is always better than the faster release